Join the Revolution this October!

Since beginning this journey to Real Food, I’ve been reading lots of blogs on the subject and the various definitions, research, creative ideas, etc that go along with this lifestyle/foodstyle. My favorite blogs (so far) are Lisa’s 100 Days of Real Food , Kristen Michaelis’ Food Renegade, Christina Le Beau’s Spoonfed: Raising Kids to Think About the Food They Eat, and Eating Real by Andrew Wilder. As a challenge to my family and friends, why don’t you consider taking a leap and joining the food revolution by picking one of the following challenges for this October:

  1. If you want to take a big leap, commit to eating no processed foods for a month at Andrew Wilder’s  October Unprocessed 2011
  2. If you aren’t up for a whole month of unprocessed foods, consider taking Lisa’s 10 Day Pledge
  3. If either of those looks intimidating, try incorporating smaller changes by following a few of Lisa’s  Minipledges for four weeks.
  4. Or just concentrate on one meal a day by making a commitment to Real Food Dinners and subscribing to The Fresh 20
  5. If you don’t think you can make a commitment to actual change, why not just make a commitment to read one of Micheal Pollan’s books, either: The Omnivores Dilemma , Food Rules, or In Defense of Food?
  6. If that’s too much reading, follow one (or more) of the blogs I posted above for the month of October.

If you decide to take the leap for any of them this October, let me know by making a comment to this post – I’d be happy to share tips and recipes beyond what you can find on the blog, though I’ll be offering them here as well. C’mon, you know you wanna be a rebel!

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